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Originally Developed as a support company for our main core business, which is the development of corn plantation for creation of Ethanol as a source of renewable energy,  specifically in the form of transportation, and Energy Technology, during our course of technology review  we noticed a strong trend towards outdated technology in Indonesia, especially in the Energy Sector.  Due to our strong connections to cutting Edge Technology Firms that specialize in the Energy Business we felt there was a need to expand our business towards offering the technology to likely partners.

The Company was first incepted in 2005, but has only recently started operations in Indonesia due to a combination of factors that include world economy, availability of technology and the needs of the Indonesian Industry.

We have found that the combination of our partners and their technology with our extensive network for finance will assist us in providing the perfect solution for our partners.

Our Vision

Finding partners whom share a similar vision to develop new avenues of profit growth through different technologies, while maintaining  the social welfare of the community around the project and achieving Environmental Continuity.

Providing the best possible solution to our partners and creating a synergy for a Win – Win Solution for all parties involved

Who are Pt. Sumber Utama Alam?

Continually working to improve through innovations existing designs, processes to deliver solid innovative solutions.

Always find the proper method for development that suits the needs of our partners either in the form of financial programs, or technology.

Recognize the value of integrity and strives to always do the right thing. We stand behind our partners and their technology they bring due to their long history of experience and the proven stability of the technology.

Corporate Philosophy